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Holding the Belly

Evidence shows doula support can...

  • Reduce rate of induction,

  • Shorten length of labour,

  • Increase parental satisfaction with birth experience,

  • Reduce risk of caesarean and instrumental births,

  • Reduce need for painkillers or epidural,

Birth Support

"We feel safe in your hands"


"Your support was truly appreciated and meant a lot"

My aim as your birth doula is to build a trusting relationship with you, so you feel empowered and confident during your labour and birth, allowing you to have a positive birth experience. I will nurture and care for you with compassion and no judgment, supporting you to make informed choices that are right for you and your baby.

I can support you, however, and wherever you choose to labour and birth your baby. Be an advocate for you if the need arises and suggest comfort measures and strategies to support you throughout labour. Ensure you are fully informed of any interventions that may be required and provide information based on up to date evidence to enable to you make your own informed choices.

I will be available for you 24/7 from 38-42 weeks of your pregnancy, or until your baby is born. Providing support via phone or email and, when you go into labour I will be by your side, offering support from the beginning. Having the continuous presence of a familiar face, who is fully aware of your circumstances and birth preferences, I can provide you with reassurance and comfort during this unique and precious time. I am not there to take over, but to provide extra care and support to you and your birth partner as needed.

​Prior to your birth, we will meet at least twice where we will discuss birth physiology, the stages of labour and information about different birthing options. We will explore the many options for comfort measures and talk through your birth preferences and any concerns you may have. These sessions will be an opportunity for us to get to know one another and allow me to know how I am best able to support you and your partner.

During those first valuable hours after your birth, I will be there to protect your birth space, support you with bonding and initial feeding, and can even capture those precious moments through photos and video.


Afterwards, I will visit you at home within the first couple of weeks for birth completion, allowing you to reflect on your birth experience and ask any questions you may have.

Birth packages can include but, not limited to:


  •  2 antenatal sessions to discuss your birth preferences, provide birth information and education, emotional support, and postnatal planning, including phone and email support,

  • An on-call period where I am available 24/7 from 38 to 42 weeks, or until birth,

  • I will be there for the duration of your labour and birth, 

  • A postnatal visit within 2 weeks of birth for birth completion, and emotional, informational and practical support,

  • Phone and email support during the first 4 weeks after birth.

Packages start from £990

Payment plans and gift vouchers available 

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