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mother feeding baby

"Mothering the mother at any stage"

When you're not sure where to turn and in need of a little extra support or another pair of hand.

Motherhood Support

Motherhood is a continuous journey and one that should be supported at any stage. As your child continues to grow, so do you as a mother.

The challenges do not lessen, they just change. And sometimes, it can be hard, not knowing how to approach the next stage, dealing with the feelings of overwhelm that can arise, or the practical juggle, as you go through your own unique experience.

As a doula, I am able to support you and your family regardless of what stage you are at.

It maybe that you are tackling the introduction of solids and would like help with planning and preparing foods for your little one. You may have reached a time when you are going back to work and would like some additional support with the emotional impact that can have, as well as negotiating the practicalities. Your little one may be starting nursery or school and having someone by you side as you all adjust during these transitions could be of comfort. There may be a times during illness or if partners work away, where an additional pair of hands can be of benefit.

I can offer packages of support or ad-hoc sessions as and when you feel the need.

Packages start from £525

Ad-hoc sessions £28/hr (min of 3hrs)

Payment plans and gift vouchers available

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